As Pastor Steven mentioned at the beginning of Sunday’s service, someone has been trying to scam St. Luke’s members. It’s a scam that has been going around for a few years. Using a phony email address in the pastor’s name, the scammer asks for financial favors—in this case, eBay gift cards for women with cancer. The emails are very convincing and persistent. They include seemingly personalized messages and show the church’s address.  They are phony!

Our pastor may text or email you asking you to serve on a committee, or bake cookies, or otherwise be of service to the Lord, but he will NEVER ask you to send him money for any reason. If you receive such a message, it is fake. Please let Pastor Steven know.  If you have questions, ask Tom Clemens.

In person worship services have resumed as of Sunday, June 28 at 10:30 AM.

When attending Sunday worship service please follow these guidelines;

Plan on arriving no earlier than 10:15
Enter the building using ONLY the RED DOORS on 5th Ave

Use HAND SANITIZER (will be provided if needed)
Wear a FACE COVERING or MASK (will be provided if needed)

Please DO NOT bring FOOD or BEVERAGES into the sanctuary

Wait on an usher to direct you to a seat

Refrain from physically greeting others (NO handshakes, hugs, etc.)
Smiling and waving is encouraged 😊

Remain seated throughout the service unless directed otherwise

Exit sanctuary using doors in front

Offering may be placed in basket/plate near the exit

Exit building ONLY using GLASS DOORS to front courtyard

Thank you, hope to see you ‘in church’ this Sunday ☺

At St. Luke’s it is believed that everyone is a beloved child of God. This includes:  people of every age, race, ethnicity, physical & mental capability,  sexual orientation, gender identity, social & economic status, family configuration, religious affiliation, background, & any other distinguishing quality.

Join us as we gather to worship God through Jesus Christ. We would love to meet you and share the Love.

As a reconciling congregation, at St. Luke’s everyone is  welcome to fully participate in the community including:  fellowship, worship, leadership roles, mission, outreach,  baptisms, communion, weddings, & funerals.
Christians United Statement 2017 

1150 W. Fifth Avenue Columbus, OH 43212