Grief Recovery Method Specialists in Central Ohio is offering a 10-session course for family members of those affected by opiate and other related drug addiction. This course will help participants reckon with all the losses that come with addiction, as well as other losses they have faced. This remarkable, transformational, non-sectarian program is open to all.

Begins: Tuesday, August 1, 7 – 9 p.m. Tuesday & Thursday evenings in August at Church of the Messiah, 51 N State St, Westerville OH. Participants will be present for all 10 sessions.

There is a $25 fee for the handbook with scholarship help available.

Contact: lhall@eachmatters.com

Are you working from home with kids around? What if you could find;  A quiet space for you,  Attentive care for your children,  A community to hold it all together?


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Pastor Kevin Orr began his appointment with St. Luke’s on Sunday June 25th.  Here is a little about Kevin and his family;

Kevin was born and raised in Oklahoma. His home church is St. Luke’s UMC in Oklahoma City. It was at a youth retreat in October 1983, at the age of 15, that Kevin first came to understand that Jesus died on the cross for him, that God loves him and has a plan for his life. It was at that retreat that Kevin first sensed a call to serve God through the church.

Kevin went to Oklahoma City University, graduating in 1991 with a BA in Religion. He then went on to Candler School of Theology at Emory University, receiving his M.Div. in 1994. He then returned to Oklahoma to begin his ministry as a campus minister at Northwestern Oklahoma State University. He was ordained Deacon in 1995 and Elder in 1997.

Kevin married Kim in 1995. She was born in Centerville, Ohio. Because Kevin’s parents passed away while he was in college, Kevin and Kim desired to be near her parents after they were married. So, in December of 1997, Kevin transferred to the West Ohio Conference. Kevin has served several churches over the past twenty years, from small rural churches, to midsize and large suburban churches.

Kevin has also continued his formal education. He received a Doctor of Ministry degree in 2008 from United Theological Seminary. Yesterday, Kevin received a Master in Theological Studies degree from Methodist Theological School in Ohio.

Kevin and Kim adopted their first two sons; Micah, who is 18, and Noah, who is 16. One month after they adopted Noah, they discovered that Kim was eight weeks pregnant. She gave birth to Jadon, who is also 16.

Taproom Theology

All are welcome to join us the first Tuesday of each month for thoughtful discussions beginning at 6 PM at The Ohio Taproom.