christmas eve

Christmas Eve Worship begins at 7:00 pm. Please join us for a service of music, word, and scripture as we celebrate the coming birth of Jesus.


Community Engagement Experience

St. Luke’s involvement with the Community Engagement Experience (CEE) has officially begun! This process will guide the congregation into a fruitful partnership with our neighbors, helping us discern the work God is calling us to do within and beyond the walls of our church. This is a quick update to share with you what has taken place so far, and where we are headed in the weeks and months to come.

In September, we began with a Bible study on the Book of Acts. Together we engaged the scripture, praying and opening ourselves to how the Spirit is already at work in our personal lives and in the congregation. We reflected on our individual and communal gifts. From this study emerged a picture of a community already putting their gifts to work, and hungry to see how we can even more fully engage our community as God’s sent people. Thank you to everyone who
participated in this study.

On Sunday, October 21, our CEE team met for a pre-training session with our guides from the West Ohio Conference. Jody Clemens, Tom Clemens, and Ryan Sparks have stepped forward to serve as team leaders in this venture, along with myself and Pastor Kevin. Our guides, John Girard, associate pastor at Worthington UMC, and
Therese Lehman, pastor at Prospect Street UMC, OH, prompted us to think more about how we relate with our surrounding community. They gave us a fuller picture of what comes next. On Saturday, November 3, we again met for a full-day training session with our guides and Community Engagement Coordinator, Rebecca Hug. This prepared us to set up a community conversation, where we actively listen to the current needs of the neighborhood surrounding St. Luke’s. This conversation guided us in creating relevant, achievable goals for outreach with our community.
I look forward to sharing future updates on our progress. If you have questions about CEE or want to know how you can be more involved, do not hesitate to contact me at Thank you to all of you who have already committed your time and energy to this work. I am eager to see the gifts everyone brings to the ministry ahead.