United Methodist Women at St. Luke’s 

We will meet on March 30, daytime at 10:30 am and evening at 7:00 pm. Devotions will center around sharings of something which has touched you. Discussion of Heifer Project, Easter planning, and a possible trip to the Jubilee Museum will follow.
Please contact Jean Champoux if you have questions, comments, or need transportation to the meetings.

Come Celebrate!

Wouldn’t you agree that it is time for a bit of fun after our long cold winter? Here’s you chance; join with the Friendship Circle for a Mardi Gras style celebration of Spring at 3:00 pm on Saturday, March 30 in Fellowship Hall.
There will be a variety of activities and light snacks. Need more info, contact Susanne Vendlinski.

Community Involvement

Hey, all! At our all-congregation meeting yesterday, those gathered expressed excitement about St. Luke’s participating in Earth Day Columbus. So we are going to be an Earth Day volunteer site! In keeping with our focus on our immediate local community, we will be cleaning up the sidewalks surrounding St. Luke’s. The most pressing needs I have noticed is some litter, but mostly pulling weeds from the sidewalk cracks. Those will be the focus of our work. Some folks also mentioned having a gathered prayer for St. Luke’s members before going out together.
To determine how big of an area we can cover, I need to have a headcount. According to Earth Day Columbus, we should provide enough members from our own group to do ~30% of the work. So if we think a job will require 10 people, we should have at least 3 folks from our own group.
Earth Day events run from the week of April 13th to 20th (Saturday to Saturday). I am planning to schedule us for the 20th, since it is closest to Earth Day and likely to draw the most volunteers. If you have mobility issues or simply prefer to stay on-site, we will also need volunteers to help people sign in at the church, pick up materials, and hand out snacks and water. If you have materials to lend (gloves, water sprayers and screwdrivers for digging out weeds, etc), let me know.
Please email me to let me know if you can volunteer on the 20th, whether you want to do clean-up or help with sign-up/registration, and if you have materials to lend. Thank you all!