United Methodist Women at St. Luke’s Update from Jean Champoux

The birth of Jesus was first made known to the shepherds and wise men. However, before that, the manger of beasts of burden provided shelter for the new born. Mary, Joseph, and Jesus were surrounded by barn animals–cattle, goats, sheep, and donkeys–tied in the stalls and kept for inn residents, or being herded by shepherd nomads..

It is hard for us to imagine living in the time of Herod, where woven clothing, simple sandals, being able to ride on the back of an animal, were luxuries, and an agricultural society and closely knit communities were the norm.

Even in 2019, many small communities in our world need the “luxuries” of milk in schools, eggs for meals, trees to help the earth and climate, honeybees for helping crops through pollination, and education to ensure that the skills of sustaining and providing sustenance, and community sharing are passed along.

These are the goals of the Heifer Project. In the February 13 meeting, the United Methodist Women were provided with information and discussed how we may contribute and support this project.

Read more about this wonderful organization which helps empower others to change their lives at The program sponsors firstborn animals to be given away to neighbors supporting self-sufficiency by
gifting livestock to those in need, and providing the education necessary to keep on giving and moving forward.

Have a fantastic month. See you in church!